8 Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been consumed for thousands of years. In fact, records show that they were used as far back as ancient China and India to treat various ailments. Modern science has provided much support about the effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms in the treatment of conditions.

In this article, we will list the various health benefits of consuming medicinal mushrooms.

8 Ways Medicinal Mushrooms Can Benefit Your Health

#1 Boosting the Immune System

Our immune system is responsible for protecting our bodies. Medicinal mushrooms can help boost the immune system by increasing the number of antibodies produced. This is partly due to the significant antioxidants they contain, which help fight off free radicals that can damage cells.

Reishi mushrooms are an excellent source for this boost because their polysaccharides stimulate antibody production. Source.

#2 Improved Heart Health

Medicinal mushrooms contain compounds called statins, one of the most prescribed types of pharmaceuticals for lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Many medicinal mushrooms have been found to reduce cholesterol and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from food sources.

One example is mushroom mycelium powder, which has been shown to lower blood lipid levels.

#3  Improved Energy Levels

Mushrooms contain compounds that increase the ability of blood cells to carry oxygen and increase the production of energy.

Reishi mushrooms and Chaga mushrooms have been shown to increase ATP levels in cells. ATP is responsible for providing energy for all cellular processes in the body.

#4 Helping Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Mushrooms can help fight chronic fatigue syndrome by increasing the body's natural defence system.

Mushrooms contain compounds that can improve immune response and fight infection.

Some good examples of medicinal mushrooms for fighting chronic fatigue syndrome include Reishi, Maitake and Yun Zhi (Cloud Ear).

#5 Improved Brain Health

It's generally accepted that mushrooms can improve your memory and give you sharper and more precise focus. They do this by improving circulation in the brain and by maintaining a healthy balance of neurotransmitters.

Some good examples of medicinal mushrooms for improving your memory are Lion's ManeReishi and Shiitake Mushrooms.

Mushrooms can also prevent cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer's disease. They can do this because they reduce the production of beta-amyloid proteins found in high levels on Alzheimer's patient's brains.

#6 Assisting with Weight Loss

Mushrooms are low in calories and filled with essential nutrients, which can help you lose weight.

They are rich in protein, fibre and essential vitamins such as folate and vitamin B12 which regulate metabolism.

They also contain minerals that can control hunger pangs like potassium and magnesium.

#7 Helping Manage Diabetes

Mushrooms can help manage diabetes by preventing the build-up of glucose in your blood.

They do this because they inhibit alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme that breaks down carbs and releases sugar into your bloodstream.

Fungi like Shiitake mushrooms can also assist with managing diabetes by lowering postprandial, or after a meal, glycemic spikes.

#8 Relieving Asthma & Allergies

Mushrooms can help alleviate asthma by stimulating the production of serotonin in your body.

This is a chemical that can calm down inflammation and irritation, which are both hallmarks of asthma.

Mushrooms also inhibit histamine release, which helps fight allergies.