How does NMN Work?

NMN, is a a precursor of NAD+ metabolism, which has been shown to reduce ageing markers and increase sirtuin activity. NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in all living cells, and it’s required for the fundamental biological processes that make life possible.

But NAD+ levels decline as we age.

NMN supplementation is currently being studied in animal tests as a mechanism to restore NAD+ levels in older mice to those of younger healthy animals.

Click here to read more about the research being conducted by Dr David Sinclair of the Harvard Medical School.

Is NMN approved for Human Use?

The first human clinical study for NMN has started in Japan. Limited human trials have also begun in small studies around the globe, administered by Dr David Sinclair.

NMN is not yet approved for human consumption and is sold on this website purely FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.

What is the quality of your NMN?

Our product is sourced from the laboratory supplying the NMN used by leading Australian universities for their trials and is pharmaceutical grade, which is the highest quality available. We DO NOT sell lower quality food grade product. Our latest batch has a purity of 99.7%.

What is the recommended dosage?

David Sinclair, on Joe Rogan’s podcast explains his daily dosing protocol for himself and his family which is 1 mg daily in combination with a daily dose of Resveratrol.

Many of the current available sources of NMN on the market are only sold in smaller dose capsules which is why we are supplying it in bulk so you can determine your own daily dosing for your own research without having to take many capsules.

David Sinclair simply mixes the NMN with a teaspoon of yoghurt.
Some researchers have questioned the bioavailability of NMN in the gut so we suggest swirling the mix in your mouth and under your tongue for 20-30 seconds to benefit from any potential sublingual absorption.

That being said, the rats in David Sinclair’s experiments are receiving their NMN through their water supply.