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Fisetin (tetrahydroxyflavone), is a bioactive flavonol molecule found in fruits and vegetables such as apple, strawberry, grape, persimmon, cucumber and onion.

Our fisetin is derived from the Cotinus coggygria or European smoke tree, which contains one of the highest concentrations of fisetin in nature.

Recent studies have found that Fisetin may be a potential senescent cell clearing compound, known as a senolytic.

Senescent cells are harmful cells which accumulate with age, and other types of stress, both environmental and internal. These so-called ‘zombie’ cells no longer divide, but refuse to die and exude protein signals which may change the tissue around them. They are implicated in most conditions of ageing, such as muscle weakness, osteoporosis and other metabolic disorders.

Fisetin is also thought to have various other health benefits including being a neuro protectant, an anti inflammatory, and an anti carcenogenic. 

Fisetin is also thought to have various other health benefits including being a neuroprotectant, an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-carcinogenic.

Fisetin may also help cells to function greater capacity, by protecting them from stress-related damage, both environmental and internal.

Several studies have shown fisetin may be able to aid in neuro-protection (Source

Fisetin has also been shown to increase intracellular glutathione, a potent antioxidant, which is essential in keeping the body healthy.

Daily dosage- 1 capsule (350mg)

Supplements like Fisetin may interact with medication and may not be suitable for people with certain health conditions. Talk with your doctor before incorporating them into your diet.

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