5 Health and Wellness Youtube Channels worth Following

5 Health and Wellness Youtube Channels worth Following

We’re great believers in educating yourself so you can make decisions about your health based on your research, the advice of your medical practitioner and your understanding of how your body reacts to food and medicines.

The challenge is, of course, keeping on top of all of the current research and understanding what the results mean so we can make better, more educated decisions about our health.

Another challenge is finding resources that are free of bias or incentive, which is why I enjoy watching the following YouTube channels by people who have taken the time to do the research, who explain their perspectives and biases and are willing to update their understanding of the research as new data appears.

I hope you enjoy these channels and they contribute to your knowledge on your health and wellness journey.

#1 Peter Attia MD: A Physician's Pursuit of Lifespan Enhancement and Wellness

For those committed to not just adding years to life but life to years, Dr. Peter Attia's YouTube channel emerges as a profound source of knowledge. With an impressive following of over 445K subscribers and a wealth of 751 videos, Dr. Attia, a distinguished primary care physician and the founder of Early Medical, demystifies the multifaceted world of health and longevity.

At the heart of his channel lies the core mission: to lengthen lifespan while enhancing healthspan. This philosophy is beautifully captured in his signature podcast, "The Peter Attia Drive." A deep dive into health's most pressing issues, the podcast features discussions on topics as diverse as fasting, Alzheimer’s disease, mental health, ketosis, and so much more. What sets Dr. Attia apart is his methodical approach — every claim is backed by rigorous scientific evidence, making it a beacon for critical thinkers.

Dr. Attia’s channel is not just about theoretical knowledge; it is a goldmine of actionable insights. Videos addressing exercises for longevity, lipid and lipoprotein understanding, or even the practical implications of new research findings highlight his commitment to translating complex medical concepts into everyday practices.

But beyond the science and the medical jargon, Dr. Attia’s passion is evident. Whether it's a detailed analysis of a specific supplement or a nuanced discussion on metabolic health, his dedication to helping viewers achieve optimal wellness shines through.

In essence, the "Peter Attia MD" YouTube channel is a destination for anyone — be it a medical professional, a health enthusiast, or someone just starting their wellness journey. With his blend of expert knowledge and genuine care, Dr. Peter Attia provides a roadmap to navigate the intricacies of health, ensuring each viewer is empowered to live their best, healthiest life.

Here's an excellent video he published called What is Longevity?


#2 Huberman Lab: Decoding Neuroscience for Optimal Health

For those deeply invested in understanding the intricate dance between our brains, bodies, and behaviours, Dr. Andrew Huberman's "Huberman Lab" YouTube channel is a veritable treasure trove.

With a robust 4.1 million subscribers, Dr. Huberman unravels the complex world of neuroscience, elucidating how our brain and its vast connections with our body's organs shape our perceptions, behaviours, and overall health.

The channel is not just another academic exploration of the brain; it's a hands-on guide to harnessing knowledge for tangible benefits. Episodes range from mastering sleep, decoding the science of learning and dreaming, to unlocking secrets of motivation and focus. Dr. Huberman dives deep into topics like neuroplasticity, fear, and stress, and provides actionable behavioural tools, nutritional advice, and even insights into supplements and prescription drugs that can impact our nervous system.

It's a blend of academic rigour and practical wisdom, making neuroscience accessible to the everyday individual.

Moreover, the channel showcases intriguing guest series, including conversations with the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy on public health challenges or with experts like Dr. Paul Conti on mental health protocols. It's not just about absorbing information; it's about empowering oneself with the tools for better mental and physical health.

In a digital landscape inundated with health advice, the Huberman Lab is committed to grounded, science-backed insights.

Whether you're a health enthusiast, a professional in the wellness industry, or someone simply curious about the marvels of the human brain, this channel offers a rich tapestry of content that educates, inspires, and equips its viewers to lead healthier, more informed lives. If you're on a quest for autonomy in health, understanding Dr. Huberman's insights could be pivotal in that journey.

Here is Dr Hubermans Channel Introduction


#3 High Intensity Health: Blending Fitness, Nutrition, and Science

A haven for health enthusiasts, the "High Intensity Health" YouTube channel delves deep into the intricate relationship between fitness, nutrition, and the underlying science.

At its core, the channel seeks to demystify prevailing health myths, such as the ill effects of fats that have been promoted for the last six decades. It offers enlightening insights on topics like intermittent fasting, the dynamics of high-carb diets, and the transformative power of protein in preserving muscle mass.

Distinguished by its engaging podcast interviews, viewers can absorb wisdom from renowned functional medicine practitioners, scientists, and influential figures in nutrition and fitness spheres.

Highlights include enlightening conversations with experts like Jason Fung, MD, on weight loss and insulin resistance, or Dr. Stasha Gominak on the interplay between Vitamin D, deep sleep, and gut bacteria.

Further amplifying its value, "High Intensity Health" covers a gamut of topics from the role of exercise in boosting immunity to strategies for muscle building, especially for individuals over 40. The channel even sprinkles in quick, digestible "shorts" that tackle trending health topics, making it accessible for those on a tight schedule.

"High Intensity Health" is a nexus of actionable health advice underpinned by science. It's a must-visit for anyone—from fitness rookies to seasoned health aficionados—seeking a blend of practical tips and evidence-based insights.

If you're navigating the e-commerce landscape of health and fitness, understanding the content shared by this channel can provide a significant edge in resonating with an informed audience eager for trusted advice.

Here's a great example of one of his videos on prioritising strength training to slow aging.

 #4 Physionic: Delving Deep into the Science of Health

For those who hunger for more than just surface-level health content, the "Physionic" YouTube channel stands out as a beacon of thoroughness and rigour.

With its impressive library of 529 videos, Physionic goes beyond mere information dissemination, delving into intricate multi-study analyses and providing crystal-clear explanations of the mechanisms that underlie results.

And just when you think it's all about hard science, the channel adds a sprinkle of cheeky humor to keep things engaging.

One of the channel's standout features is its approach to popular health topics. Take, for instance, its videos on the much-discussed benefits of fasting. While many channels might simply extol the virtues of fasting, Physionic delves into its impact on mitochondria, explains the science behind fasting's purported anti-cancer benefits, and even details the physiological changes that occur during a 54-day fast.

The channel's series on nutrients, like its exploration of Taurine as the "Nutrient of Youth", showcases the channel's commitment to marrying in-depth scientific insights with practical health advice.

Additionally, the "Spotlight" series is a masterclass in science communication. Here, Physionic takes a critical lens to popular health claims made by other figures in the health and wellness space, ensuring viewers get an unbiased and accurate perspective.

In essence, "Physionic" is designed for the discerning viewer — those who wish to truly understand their bodies from the macro to the micro. Whether you're a health professional looking to stay updated, a student of science, or just a curious individual wanting to make informed health choices, Physionic offers a deep dive into the science of well-being. In an age where health misinformation is rampant, channels like Physionic are invaluable for their commitment to factual, research-driven content.

Here's a great video on the Molecules that reverse aging.

 #5 Dr. Brad Stanfield: A Physician's Deep Dive into Supplements and Longevity

Navigating the vast world of health supplements can be a daunting task. Enter Dr. Brad Stanfield's YouTube channel, a platform helmed by a primary care physician dedicated to dissecting the myriad supplements flooding the market, and shedding light on those that genuinely make a difference. Boasting over 203K subscribers, Dr. Stanfield takes viewers on a fact-driven journey, sifting through scientific evidence to highlight supplements that truly live up to their promises.

Notably, Dr. Stanfield doesn't just stop at explaining the benefits of supplements. Instead, he brings a critical lens to the topic, warning viewers about supplements that have little to no effect, or even potential side effects. His video on "Useless Supplements," for example, speaks to his commitment to ensuring his audience spends their money and effort wisely.

Among the plethora of topics he addresses, there's a keen focus on longevity. With dedicated playlists on "Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) | NAD+ Booster" and "Emerging Anti Aging Methods," those intrigued by the science of aging will find a wealth of information. Dr. Stanfield also delves into popular health topics, such as the correct use of caffeine and the potential inefficacy of collagen supplements.

In essence, Dr. Brad Stanfield's channel is for those eager to understand the intricate world of supplements from a medical perspective. Whether you're a seasoned health enthusiast, someone new to the supplement world, or a professional in the wellness industry, Dr. Stanfield offers a refreshing, research-backed perspective. As the e-commerce landscape of health supplements continues to grow, channels like Dr. Brad Stanfield's stand as vital resources, ensuring viewers are equipped with accurate, actionable knowledge.

Here's a recent video on the 8 Supplements that Actually work

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